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Réquiem, Mozart - Sinfonía N.40, Mozart
Ukrainian State Choral Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, 24/03/2018 17:30


The fact that he is the only mass of the deceased in his extensive catalog, of being his last opus, unfinished (because of his death) and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his commission and composition, have built the legend and fascination that the Requiem of Mozart continues to exercise in our days.

SYMPHONY Nº 40, Mozart

The mystery surrounds the penultimate one of Mozart's symphonies; It is unknown in what circumstance, for what reason or for what character was written, and it is unknown if Mozart came to listen in life

Carmina Burana, Orff - Symphony No. 5, Beethoven
Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra and Choir

Sunday, 25/03/2018 17:30

Carmina Burana
, Carl Orff's most famous work, celebrates life, love, dancing, drinking and hedonism - but always with an eye on the designs of fate. Based on 24 mediaeval Latin poems whose carefree spirit contrasts vividly with the traditional concepts of life and death in the Middle Ages, this sweeping and powerful cantata for large-scale chorus, orchestra and soloists was a huge success at its premiere in 1937. Its worldwide popularity since then has made it a firm favourite with among singers and audiences alike.

The program of the concert is completed with Beethoven's Symphony No.5, a composition that is perfectly associated with the image we usually have of the musician, agitated, intense and dishevelled, and which best represents the greatness of music. The distinctive four notes that open the symphony and that are repeated throughout the work are surely the most popular notes of all music as they represent the fate knocking at the door.

The Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra and Choir, consecrated as one of the most outstanding institutions of his country, has developed over the years an intense local and international activity, performing in the main venues in Spain and Europe, with a vast and diverse repertoire.

Famous Arias and Opera Choruses
Ukrainian State Choral Symphony Orchestra

Tuesday, 27/03/2018 18:00

The best pieces from the greatest operas

Classical music may be popular. The evidence is this concert, which brings together chorus, arias, duets and quartets from the great operas of Verdi, converted into true popular hymns.

Verdi gave voice to the people and made them protagonists: from the Triumphal March of Aida, when the troops return victoriously from the battle, or the chorus of gypsies from Il Trovatore, who sing their joyness, until the “Va Pensiero” from Nabucco, the song of the oppressed Jewish slaves, became a symbol of unified Italy under the Habsburgs, universal anthem of the freedom of the people. The program also includes fragments and pieces from other major opera titles such as Don Giovanni, and La Traviata with their lavish toast.

The Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra and Choir, with their enormous artistic quality, will bring life to this spectacular tribute to the genial Italian composer.

Supertramp Tribute

Tuesday, 27/03/2018 22:00

The Spirit of Supertramp

Thanks to millions of record sales and memorable sell-out concerts, almost everyone can whistle or sing some of Supertramp’s massive hits. Now Logicaltramp show their unique approach to the band’s legendary best-selling songs, including Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song and Breakfast in America, with a full-on concert that brings these worldwide rock classics to vibrant life.

Logicaltramp’s two-hour show includes all the greatest hits, the epic album tracks and even some rarities for die-hard fans, in a passionate tribute to the compositions of Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson. Endorsed and encouraged by Supertramp band members, these talented musicians have played to thousands of cheering fans across the UK and Europe and been highly-praised by international critics. So seize this chance to enjoy a thrilling recreation of the classic Supertramp sound – it’d be the Crime of the Century not to!

Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto No. 1 / Swan Lake (suite) / Romeo and Juliet
Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra

Friday, 30/03/2018 17:30

Piano Concerto No. 1, Tchaikovsky
The first of the concerts for piano, composed by the great and tormented romantic Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, has become the most famous concert of all the history of music, in spite of the fact that in its beginnings nothing made it portend.

The Swan Lake
The play, in the form of a fairy tale, tells the story of impossible love between Prince Siegfried and Odette, a young queen transformed into a swan with his whole court by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart.

Aranjuez's Concert, Rodrigo
Rolando Saad, Guitarra

Sunday, 1/04/2018 17:30

Andalusia through the ropes

Great Night of the Spanish Guitar takes to the stage the very heart of Spain. With music inspired by tradition and lyrical melodies, the luscious tone of the guitar and its rhythmic energy capture the sounds and feel Spanish like no other instrument is capable of doing.

The star of the program is Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo, the fetish work of guitarist Rolando Saad, who has performed for more than two million spectators and more than 900 times in the main venues in Europe and with prestigious orchestras, Including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London. The virtuoso performance of Rolando Saad manages to capture and transmit to the public the joyful spirit of the work. And the evocation of happy days in the parks of Aranjuez, in the most beautiful dialogue written for the music between the guitar and the orchestra.

Falla's El Amor Brujo and Bizet's Carmen for guitar and orchestra complete this wonderful and magical Spanish night.

The Four Seasons, Vivaldi / Bolero, Ravel
Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra

Monday, 2/04/2018 17:30

The Four Seasons,

With this work, Vilvaldi wanted to capture in music the feelings that awoke in him the seasons of the year. The violins, string orchestra and the continuous bass are able to  imitate the song of the birds, the characteristics of the shotgun, the barking of dogs, the murmuring of the water streams... It is an example of descriptive or programmatic music, very popular in the baroque period (although Vivaldi surpassed it), incorporating musical innovations and endowing it with a great freshness and expressive force.

Within the vast compositional production of Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons is his most famous and widespread work. The four scores ("Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter") are part of a set of twelve concertos for violin and orchestra released in Amsterdam in 1725.

In its premiere the work was enthusiastically received, although it was from the second half of the nineteenth century when these four pieces were included in innumerable concerts and record productions, and they crossed the limits of classical music to conquer the favor of all kinds of public.

Bolero, Ravel

Bolero is an authentic orchestral virtuosic exercise whose interest lies in the way Ravel combines the different instruments, from the subtle pianissimo at the beginning to a very strong ending.



The Greatest Cinema Hits
Cinema Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, 8/04/2018 17:30

The best Hollywood soundtracks

Memories of Africa, Gone with the Wind, Back to the Future, Gladiator ... and other great soundtracks come out of theaters to get to a symphony room and demonstrate that they have a life of their own apart from the images.

The Cinema Symphony Orchestra presents a program that will excite all moviegoers but also music lovers in general, with the immortal melodies that helped to consecrate some of the highest-grossing and award-winning films of the history of the seventh art. Universal pieces that are part of the collective memory and continue to excite us just as in the day made the movies.

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